Sunday, November 19, 2006

Where is Perez Hilton?

Popular celebrity blogger, 'Perez Hilton' is missing! He hasn't updated his widely popular blog in around one day, which has caused quite a stir amongst hungry gossip lovers. So any idea where he is? Well by the looks of things he is still having some fun choosing the latest male model for a series of new underwear which is set to be released soon...maybe he got lucky with one of the underwear models...or maybe Paris Hilton got rid of him once and for all, where do you think he is?


Misty Cora said...

Ya Bitch he's checking out my Perez Hilton Song,, cuz he has personality, and people try to give him a hard time for not conforming to society Biatch!!

click here for Perez Hilton Song

Anonymous said...

Misty , your song sucks. Perez not conforming to society? What a joke, he steals everything he does from society. The moron doesn't have an original or creative bone in his morbidly obese body. Not to mention he looks like he has down syndrome. You want to champion a person for being a non conformist, try someone who doesn't live their life just for social acceptance from people like paris hilton. Moron.