Monday, December 11, 2006

Paris Hilton - Why is she that way she is! for the like the first time in months I finally read a book and I LOVED it. I read House of Hilton: From Conrad to Paris: A Drama of Wealth, Power, and Privilege. It was all about why Paris is like she is, and it takes the complete WHACK out of her mum Kathy and makes her seem hell slutty! I loved it and think you should read it to! Go pick it up from your local bookstore or click here to buy it online. Now looking forward to Nicole Richie's Style Guide!

Jennifer & Jennifer...WHY?!

Okay so I am a huge fan of 'Jennifer Garner' and 'Jennifer Love Hewitt' and I seriously think they are hot stuff. What has happened? Look at them now! They are disgusting! Where is their careers? I think I saw 'Love Hewitt' on the cover of some Z grade movie the other day, and well for 'Garner', um, well, I saw an "Alias" boxset a while back? GET YOUR ACTS TOGETHER GIRLS!

Tara...back on the right track!

Okay...lets face it...Tara Reid has been looking like shit lately. And I love her. I really do! Some of those low-budget films have ruined her career, oh and that whole shes a drunk slut thing, but I am happy that she seems to be back on track. Look at here, Saturday night, the premiere of, "The Fountain". She is HOT! Tara is back...and we are ready for her!

How old is Beyonce?

So people are she 32 like that gossip site says...or is she 25 like she says? The birth certificate said the star was born on September 4 in 1974, but a source tells entertainment website that the authenticity of the document could not be verified. Is it really that hard to find out how old someone is! I mean geez just look at her face...she is obviously 32...I mean 25...HOW OLD IS SHE?

K-Fed for sale...

So interested in having K-Fed at your Christmas party this year? Well it's only going to cost you $12,000, plus travel for four people. So anybody think that he will sell? I was just wondering, does he not want to spend Christmas with his children or something? I thought he was trying to get custody of them...

Lindsay attempts suicide!

The troubled actress has apparently tried to commit suicide. Friends of her have stated that it wasn't an attempt, but just a cry for help, but other experts seem to think she was just trying to end it all. With some weird scars on her wrists I guess we will just have to wait for her version of what happened, which I'm sure somehow it will be turned around that Paris and Britney slashed her wrists to ruin her career!

Paris & Stavros...Engaged!

Well it appears the her and on-and-off boyfriend Stavros are finally going to be saying "I do". The hotel heiress sparked off engagement rumors after she was spotted attending a party in Los Angeles wearing a diamond ring on her ring finger, reports Contactmusic. Paris's rep has been contacted, and has refused to deny or admit to the rumors...hmm...interesting! I'm sure they will get married...