Saturday, November 18, 2006

Do you want to be a socialite?

Who in their right mind doesn’t want to live the life of a socialite? The glitzy parties, the expensive dresses, the fame and popularity... it all seems as though it is an unreachable dream, but it isn’t.
People believe that to be a successful and well known socialite, you have to be living in a glamourous town, and be exceedingly rich, well the matter of the fact is, you don’t.
To be a socialite, you don’t need to be beautiful (although I’m not saying it wouldn’t help), you don’t need to be over 21, and you don’t need to be perfect.
Through this blog, what I am trying to teach you is how you can become your own towns ‘Paris Hilton’, and be on the invite list for every exclusive party and event.

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